Reception desk R107


As part of PRESTIGE, the desk can be made of a glossy panel, have a backlit logo or lettering placed behind glass.


  • all dimensions are customizable
  • worktop height 75cm (suggested)
  • upper top height 120cm (suggested)
  • custom length
  • adjustable feet for desk levelling
  • grommet holes (any number)
  • custom colour – combine colours for an original design tailored to the room
  • LEDs any colour + power supply included.

MFC board and HPL board, CORIAN, colour selection from the colour chart.
From the inside, the desk can be assembled in any way (drawers, shelves, etc.). The final price
of the desk is determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the equipment, size, and
materials used. The front is LED backlighted, optional for the upper top.
Wooden beams
Horizontal support beams made of natural wooden boards

Higher standard includes a glossy plate and LED backlight.

  • the displayed price is indicative depending on the structure of the desk
  • Net price starting from PLN3500
  • Net cost of logo is PLN700 – 800 depending on its level of complexity

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